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Sunday, July 21st 2024
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What happend to Futures?
Beginning at the end of August 2006, has temporarily suspended the service for the Futures markets due to recent changes in the Exchange Fees required to display Futures Financial Data on our website. Because of this change in Exchange Fees, we are no longer able to financially continue service for the Futures market. We hope to one day continue service for the Futures market in the future.

In place of Futures, we now offer service for the FOREX market, which mimics almost identically to the Currencies in the Futures Market.

We are able to provide a real-time service for our charts vs the 30-minute delayed service we were offering with Futures. We will also soon provide a real-time Reports to help you locate markets on the move. This means if you trade currencies in the Futures Markets, your level of service has actually improved and we hope to continue to improve overall service as we grow.

If you have relied on for all of your Futures market needs, you will be happy to know that we do have a fantastic software package that can help your trading even more, Track 'n Trade Pro. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at either (800) 862-7193 during the weekdays and (800) 526-3019 during nights and weekends. You can also learn more at

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